September Organizational Meeting – Deck and Notes

Below are notes from the September 2023 Monthly Organizational meeting of Bike North Penn. Please see this LINK to a PDF of the agenda we worked through in this meeting.

Here also is a link to a Microsoft Teams recording of the meeting (this meeting recording will automatically expire in about 90 days after the meeting)

Upper Gwynedd Fall Fest 

  • TMA will have a booth
  • BNP volunteers are welcome to promote group
  • TMA has requested space for Bike Valet and it has been granted and will be promoted by UG Parks and Rec
  • Should ask for more space for full Bike Valet area if we have enough volunteers
  • Dom F. and Rena might have conflicts that Saturday, others would need to transport stands, etc., to the event.

Bike Lanes on South Broad Street 

  • Section of road controlled by Montgomery County requires work before re-surfacing
    • Culvert/Creek crossing near Allentown Rd. Needs work
    • Culvert/Creek repair currently scheduled for not before 2025
    • Order of activities
      1. Culvert/Creek crossing work
      2. South Broad St. Resurfacing
      3. New paint (including bike lanes)
  • Section controlled by Lansdale Borough
    • Resurfacing is completed – without bike lanes
    • Borough wants to complete borough-wide Active Transportation Plan
      • BNP members are encourage to attend upcoming meetings on this (see slide)
    • Borough may also be doing Traffic Study
    • Concerns about recent pedestrian and bike traffic incidents and near misses
    • Also discussed pedestrian and bike traffic incidents in the larger North Penn region
      • Need to collect data
      • See if there is any media interest

Bike Valet 

  • Last Whites Rd Park event this week.
  • Volunteers encouraged 
  • Wednesday instead of Tuesday
  • 6 PM start
  • Dom and Rena need support due to early start time and conflicting commitments
  • Discussed coordinating bike/chair exchange maybe next year at Whites Rd. events
  • Discussed doing bike valet at other local events – assuming volunteer participation

Biking for Manna – Community Bike Ride & Food Drive

  • Details in deck and on web site Facebook, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Will consider Sunday, Oct. 1 as rain date – it will be added to event info

2023/2024 Goals 

  • Bike Lanes on South Broad Street
    • Keep up pressure to get lanes applied in all sections of South Broad St.
    • Update petition to include bike infrastructure – Lansdale and beyond so any NP resident can sign
  • Encourage Accelerated Build out of Trails
    • Interested in recent blog post on Power Line Trail
    • Lead discussions on unified trail sign system (start now)
    • Consider signs on local streets to emphasize quiet routes
    • Lansdale interest in “way finding” signs – also note signs on trail in Whites Rd. Park
  • Community Bike Rides from local Apartment sights with Bike Shares
    • Have approached owners of Forge Gate Apartments
      • Limited response so far
      • Try LinkedIn to see if there are any connections to reach local executives

Other Items Discussed

  • Off-road bike trail to be added to 309 Connector
  • Hatfield has discussed with TMA the possibility of doing a local road analysis
  • Traffic Garden being added near by. Interested in checking this out