2023 Tweed Ride Recap

We had five riders for this unseasonably warm 2023 Tweed Ride. With temps exceeding 80 degrees – at the end of October no less – Tweed outfits were compromised a bit due to the heat.

The ride started in downtown Lansdale, with essentially three legs: Downtown to Whites Rd. Park and a ride through the park, then ride over to Stoney Creek Park, and ride through the park, then back to downtown via the Liberty Bell Trail.

At the time of our departure, there was a kid’s Halloween Candy event in full swing in the
downtown district. This meant we were not the only wacky looking people about, and rather getting strange looks, which is kind of customary for a Tweet Ride, we looked kind of normal compared to everyone else walking around in various costumes.

Parks were included in this ride because it was the right time of the year to see some color, and with the heat and the sunshine, the hope was the parks would give us a bit of a break with some shade. This panned out, however, we did need to proceed with some caution in both parks. In some places the fallen leaves were so thick it was kind of hard to make out the trails. Still, there was really good color and despite the heat, the sound of leaves crackling beneath our tires did make it feel like Fall.

When we arrived back downtown, some of us headed for some shaded outside tables at the Round House and had a late lunch.